Moving forward while taking care of Yourself

Moving forward while taking care of yourself is important during hard times. Every one already knows what happened in Boston , MA.and our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. When things like this happen you have to be able to move on but not forget. We all have to take care of ourselves while being so stressed and worried you should be finding ways to take care of yourself like exercising , massage therapy, meditation, friends are more important now more than ever. Exercise is a good way to take your mind off the day, you can go for run and just listen to your music or even walking. You have to find the best way for you to stay in shape both physically and emotionally whether its rowing, sports, yoga, even golf. Taking care of yourself also means dealing with your stress, massage therapy such as Reiki , Energy work, Ayurveda can all help with this. Massage can also help you become more flexible which can be beneficial if you already play sports or exercise. Moving forward and taking care of yourself are hand in hand if you can move past the things that have happened you will be a stronger person. Exercise is no different, if you work out you will be stronger both physically and mentally.

Tips for moving forward while taking care of yourself:

Therapeutic Massage: Having a relaxing massage, or Reiki to help relax the body and mind during difficult times can help maintain balance.
Yoga Therapy: Breathing , stretching and centering yoga can help relax the body
Meditation: whether on it own or in a group can be a powerful centering tool for relaxation
Exercise: keeps the boy moving, helps decrees stress in the body                                                                                                                                                                                 Checking   in with yourself: it important to check in with yourself during this time, make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercise, find ways to stay  balanced.

We will all find ourselves in stressful spaces at some point in our lives, taking the time to care for our family, our community is important, moving forward while taking care of yourself will be key. Take the time to take care of yourself and you can move forward and be strong through difficult times.

With great Metta I send this blog out, while here outside the Boston area at Metta Spa,listening as the news unfolds, I will join a meditation group tonight and yoga in the morning. I will take care of myself, so I can work with my clients, offering Reiki, massage, and meditation while we go through this time.

Here at Metta Spa to help we are donating $30 from every 1hr Reiki treatment to , and offering 1hr Reiki treatment for $30 to first responders , let us send out love and peace.


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