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Massage and Ayurveda at home

essential oils lavender, lemon and sweet orange

essential oils lavender, lemon and sweet orange (Photo credit: How to be Sustainable)

So I thought today would be a great day to share a bit about my house and how I combine the skills I have learned through massage and Ayurveda at home .
We have a combined total of 4 kids in our house that range from 9 all the way up to 19, everyone has their own unique quality, this is a great blessing, and sometimes a challenge.
So what have we found that works for us, I will do massage therapy for the kids, one like Thai massage, another facial so I work with each one to find the massage that is best for them.We do a lot of Energy-work together
as a group (the kids respond well and I just finished taking RYSE , it helps) . We go to yoga twice a week, we have been so blessed to finds some great yoga teachers in our area(I will share my amazing yoga experience with you in my next post). Always working on the eating(this is a challenge), and we have recently added in Essential oils. We do a lot in our house with herbs due to the Ayurvedic back ground, and the essential oils are just a bonus. If you have not tried essential oils yet, you should, it complements what you are already doing and once you learn even a little bit , you will find how easy they are to add in. We have lavender and frankincense that we add to our feet before bed, orange and lemongrass we place on our wrist for energy, basil and cinnamon for grounding, I can go on and on.
I was lucky to have taken an Essential oil class at Deep Relief Massage Therapy with Jess Weagle using the doTerra oils, you can find more information on how to order here: .
So stop in, or book your next massage with me at, lets see how you can have massage and Ayurveda at home.


Tea for rainy days

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea (Photo credit: dimi)

I love to make a tea for rainy days, it can warm the body or help when the weather makes you feel stuffy and congested. I like to make a Sassafras tea, its great for the spring to help with purifying the blood, great for the joints and skin, also good with preventing colds. You can buy a sassafras tea or get sassafras bark, steep for 10-15 mins, then drink. The best way is to drink one cup a day for two weeks, this will purify the system. The other great quality of this tea is that its cooling, so you can enjoy this tea for rainy days in the heat of the summer storms.