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Aromatherapy and Massage

We all have some memory that can be brought on with just a simple sound or smell. Think about when you walk along the beach, the sounds of the waves or when you walk into a bakery, and are welcomed by the smell of warm baked goods. This is how aromatherapy works, giving you a smell, then releasing a memory and then relaxation.
When we think about massage we all have different ideas that come to mind. Maybe you go to a massage therapist to relax, help with a painful neck, an old injury, or dealing with stress.
Combining aroma therapy and massage can relax the mind, and help settle discomfort in the body. The scent of ginger, lavender, and orange have a relaxing yet uplifting aroma. When these scents are added to an oil and applied to the body they become heating and relaxing for the body.
Aromatherapy can be added to a massage in several ways. With the right combination, aromatherapy and massage can be used to work with inflammation, stress, pain, and to uplift moods. Adding an aroma diffuser to the massage room can change the atmosphere, to start with a drop or two of lemongrass, which helps uplift the mood in a room. With this method it is important to know the essential oils you are using, making sure they are therapeutic even food grade oils, then add your essential oils on from there. You will only need a drop or two, since essential oils are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Remember to start off slow when working with a client new ot aromtherapy, you can always add more as you go.