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January us all about De-stressing & Renewing Self

Nourish Yourself

January us all about De-stressing & Renewing Self

It’s important throughout the year to take time to do a little self care, but more so in the long winter months. We have made it through the Holidays(literally today is the first day of the New Year), and as we all love spending time with family and friends so comes the overeating, over spending, and over scheduling of our time.

Now as we enter a new year everyone starts to think about diets, budgets, what will we do to better ourselves in the new year. Our New Years Resolution starts now.

Start with self. Sounds to simple, yet when was the last time you stopped, took time for you?

Each week in January we will give you tips, thoughts and ways to take time ,to relax, breath, remove the stress. In hopes  this will help renew yourself after the Holidays and melt away the stress.

Follow us each week on  facebook www.facebook.com/Mettaspa, or jump on the email list https://www.facebook.com/Mettaspa/app_141428856257 , or do both. Till then, take a moment, breath, relax with a calming tea, you are on your way.


Self – Care

Sending a reminder of the power of self, be kind to yourself, and it will bring peace into your space, and over time this will emulate from you to the ones you love, and bring peace to them. As we prepare to move into this New Year, remember self.